5th Mini Saga Contest: Voting Now Open

 The finalists of the 5th Mini Saga Contest have already been chosen. Thanks to all the participants for their great stories!

Please, read the mini sagas below and vote for your favourite story here. There will be three prizes and winners will be announced on February, 5.

 A Blind Date

She fell for that man on Tinder. They both used secret usernames and he seemed so enigmatic, mysterious, exciting, adventurous… everything she lacked in her life. They would meet in Cafe Iacobus that Saturday night, he would take a red rose. She wanted to die when she saw her husband.

 An Unexpected Request

The little girl hadn´t hardly slept. Suddenly, she jumped out of bed and ran downstairs quickly. When she reached the Christmas tree in the hall, there he was, delivering packets. Santa smiled and said: Precious, what do you want for Christmas? She stared at him seriously and answered: “Equal pay”.

It’s Happening!

I open my eyes. The sun’s shining. “Thank you for the sun”, I think. I go outside. “Thank you for the fresh air”, I mutter. I see your face. “Thank you for your smile”, I mumble. Today is the very first day without a face mask. The pandemic is over.

Leaving Paradise

Floating in warm water. No light, faint sounds. A distant echo of your voice. Eyes wide shut, feeling cosy. Suddenly, a bump! A tsunami pushes me upside down. Not feeling good. Your screams freak me out. A light at the end. Please keep me inside. Not ready for my birth!

 Making Up Her mind

She was meant to change her life drastically and enjoy the time she had left. That morning she quitted her wretched job. Then, she spent most of her savings booking that amazing trip. The next morning, she received a call. A terrible mistake had happened. Her biopsy results were ok.

 Nature’s Rebellion

Fruit no longer tasted the same. A slightly earthy metallic flavour gave way to a worse phenomenon: tiny red drops appeared on their surface; the bleeding was unstoppable once you bit them. Nobody dared to do it after the first attempt. Nature had decided not to feed humans any more.

Oddly enough, you popped by and I only had eyes for you

Aware that it might get out of hand, not only my shrewdness but also my shamefully admitted loneliness drove me on. “This candle will resuscitate your dead wife tonight”, said the scrawny and unkempt wizard. I am afraid I have always been single but who wouldn’t crave a blind date?

Planned Obsolescence

Just a few hours before he had been the center of attention. Cheerful children flitting around; adults capturing the moment with their smartphones. A pleasant smell was coming from the kitchen and everybody but him ran inside. The taste of a rotten carrot in his mouth. The sun on top.

So insane

They keep telling me that this relationship is unhealthy, that you are hurting me. This is insane. They urge me to leave you. But I am willing to pay the price in exchange for such great company, and above all, for the support you give me.

-"Here! Your tobacco"


Stella Maris (IMO 7253021)

Since they got married, she had always packed his suitcase when he left for his job as a ship captain. Now, he was retired and very ill. “Please, pack my luggage. Tomorrow, I must go away” he said. She sat by him on the bed, held his hand and waited.

The Ballad of a Love-Hate Relationship

My smartphone is buzzing, there must be something going on. Is that my wife? Is that my boss? Is that my mother using hers wrong? I’ve got my degree and also my master and I’ve always paid my taxes. Why on earth is my life controlled by such small devices?

 The C2 exam

It´s gonna be alright. It´s gonna be OK. We are well trained, team. One course working hard on this. One year waiting for this moment. Now it’s the time to demonstrate your skills. Take a breath, relax, and go for it! Reading, writing, listening, speaking! Oh, and a mediation task!

The King of the Underworld

Hades could see the whole of the underworld. Faithful Cerberus by his side. He looked pensive, his eyes tinged with sadness. He always felt like that at this time of the day. He looked down and thought to himself: WI really wish they put more cheese in my cheese sandwich.

 The Story of My Beagle.

Born in a cage, I was predestined to hunt as my siblings. We are freed to train for that in a freezing winter. I am lost. Terrified. I hopelessly run. Noise, almost darkness. Iam hurt, bleeding. I see lights. A voice calls me. I stop; she hugs me. Thanks.

You Are My Sunshine

Winter, same old, same old. I wake up hoping to see you at the crack of dawn. I walk over the sea staring at the horizon, thinking of those warm drawn-out summery days with you. Emerged as if from a dream, you show up bashfully. Hiya! Here comes the sun!


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