6th Mini Saga Contest: Voting Now Open

 The semi-finalists of the 6th Mini SagaContest have already been chosen. Thanks to all the participants for their great stories!

 Please, read the 15 mini sagas below and vote for your favourite story here. Public voting will be enabled until February 4th.The 7 stories that receive the highest number of votes will be considered by a jury of teachers from the English department, who will choose the 3 winners based on the originality and linguistic quality of the stories. Winners will be announced on February 11th, 2022.

A Natural Death

There she was, standing at her grave on a cold, winter night, shivering above her corpse. She had tried to keep her alive, but now she was grieving her loss in silence. Alone, in the gloomy backyard, she muttered: Oh dear, if only I could water you one last time! 

As Simple as That!

And there she was, sitting silently on a rickety armchair, waiting for a convincing explanation. Unfortunately, there was none. Just excuses. As I started to mumble some nonsense about feeling lost, she looked me in the eye and said: “Mum, you'd better shape up because we need an adult here”.

Better Than Ever

Being a teenager, I had me time and I felt healthy. However, I was hard up. In my forties, I was healthy and wealthy, but short of time. Now, as an elderly gentleman, I have money and time on my hands. And with LIVEFOREVER™ pills I feel healthier than ever!

 Coffee break

We were having a coffee, as always, speaking about our lives. Suddenly, a window was broken. My partner ran to the adjoining room with a knife and I caught the phone to call the police. As he opened the door, a pigeon flew inside the corridor with an injured wing.


On Tuesday at midnight the telephone rang. Unknown number. "Hello?" "4, 3, 2, 1." Weird.

On Wednesday, once again, "Hello?" "3, 2, 1." Bit creepy.

On Thursday, "Hello?" "2, 1." Very creepy.

On Friday, "Hello?" "1." Maybe call the police?

On Saturday, with shaking hands and voice, "Hello?" "Happy birthday!!"

Harriet's Regret

- Harriet.

- Mh?

- Can I ask you something?

- Yes.

- Would... would you marry me?

- [Sigh]

- What?

- C'mon, Otto...

- What!?

- Please, don't start again.

- Why? What's the matter?

- Stop it. I'm trying to read.

- Harriet. Can I ask you...?

- Oh, such an annoying cockatoo you are! I should have adopted a budgerigar!

It’s Too Late to Apologize

Being late was part of his nature. What a great pleasure it was to picture others awaiting his arrival, as if he were a conqueror, a king, the hero of the day. On his wedding day, it was him who had to wait for a bride that never turned up.

“Positive” Mood

I was there, but nobody could see me. They were partying, everybody was having a great time. So was I, even if they didn´t notice... He kissed a girl on the cheek... great! Tomorrow I will meet her family! “Come On, Vaccine, tame me if you dare! Lots of kisses!”

Renaissance of Freedom

Dressed in black, with sunglasses covering her blows, Veronica went out to smoke a cigarette. She was not weeping with the grief of losing her husband, but with the impetus of a newborn baby. The bastard who had wronged her was dead and she had finally risen from her ashes.

The Arrival of the Saviour

The knight was young and handsome. He arrived in town and people explained to him the horror and fear they felt. The village must give a child tomorrow to the dragon. The courageous knight went to the cave where the dragon was, and died burned before he raised his sword.

The Final Countdown

Tick, tock... The deadline is about to arrive. The countdown has started. My brain’s about to explode, my hands are sweating, my heart is beating stronger. Too many requirements, too little time, no ideas at all. Come on, a mini-saga contest? I won’t get to write one. I give up.

 Time Is Going By

Yesterday, I turned fifty. I recognize that a week ago I was worried. Many people say that this age is a turning point in life. Today, I looked through the window; the sun was shining in the blue sky and tomorrow again. Don ́t worry, you are simply a day older.

Two Hours, Twice a week

Fearful, confident, tired,  fresh, lost, proud...So many feelings in such a short time! Is it really neccesary? You always say the same when things are WORTHWHILE, don’t give up. True, I'm on the right track.

- The class is over, bye guys!

- Bye, teacher! See you next day!

What a Coincidence!

Yesterday I went to the bank to withdraw money. A large sum. Suddenly, a masked man pointed a gun at me and shouted “Give me the money!” I put it inside his muddied bag. It’s the same bag my neighbour was carrying when he gave me some flowers this morning!!

Why Am I a Feminist Today?

Fifty years ago my mother was a teacher, housewife and mother of two children, no checking account, car care or paperwork. Today I am a teacher, housewife, mother of two children, financial home adviser, car keeper and bureaucracy expert. Life has improved for women. And so it has for men.